About Us

At Integration Fitness, we believe in the benefits of Vibrant Health.  We believe in helping you achieve your Personal Best.  We believe in giving our clients excellent customer service.  We make the time to talk to you about your goals, your struggles, and your needs.  We want to know how you're feeling before, during and after your workouts.  We want you to eat well and we'll help you do it.

At Integration Fitness, we have created a unique health and fitness environment for our clients which results in exceptional service.  Our seasoned personal and group fitness trainers create small, semi-private groups which allows them to work very closely with each individual clients' needs.

Working within a small group allows trainers to move the group forward from a beginner's level to a much higher level of fitness.  Clients enjoy the camaraderie of peers, and look forward to the social aspect of group work.  Training in small groups also provides a more cost-effective alternative to one-on-one training.

Classes for small groups are available for strength training, indoor cycling, treadmill, yoga and our L.I.F.E. classes.  All levels of fitness are welcome and many classes are geared to meet the needs of beginners to advanced.

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Who are our clients?

Anyone who wants to live a healthier life. Anyone who wants to provide a healthier life for their family.  Anyone who wants to avoid the slow downward spiral of medication and infirmity.  Anyone who wants to get up every day knowing they have the physical, mental, and emotional strength to accomplish all they want.