Resting Metabolic Assessment

By measuring the oxygen flowing through your body, this assessment will let you know the exact number of calories a day you need to consume to reach your health and fitness goals. This is a simple assessment done at rest and includes your caloric needs for weight loss, gain, or maintenance, along with calories needed on exercise days.  

Resting Metabolic Assessment                                                  cost: $100



Resting metabolic assessment, cardio assessment, and 3 cardio classes $197
Resting metabolic and cardio assessments, nutritional counseling, and 3 cardio classes $355
Resting metabolic assessment, and nutritional counseling $225


Sub Max VO2 Assessment

This cardiovascular assessment will define your fitness level, your heart rate training zones, which exercise training protocols are best for you, and help to set your goals.  The assessment will also calculate the number of calories you burn when you exercise and what fuel source you are using at any given heart rate.  You will also receive a cardiovascular exercise program to follow. 

The assessment requires two appointments; the first is the physical assessment and the second will review assessment results and create program design.  Assessment provided by Johanna Casler, PFT and metabolic specialist.



Two appointments (assessment and program design)                                                       $125


Segmental Body Composition Assessment

This assessment uses a new generation of body compostition product based on the very latest technology and research in body composition.  This totally unique method gives individual readings for: 
   Full % body fat
   Total body water %
   Full muscle mass
   Full bone mass
   Visceral fat
   Metabolic age
   Overall physique rating

Test performed by Johanna Casler, metabolic specialist.



Basic segmental body composition assessment $60
Basic assessment plus follow up test to see goal results (must be done within 3 months) $105