L.I.F.E. Training™                                                       Learning to Integrate Healthy Food and Exercise

Do you desire the most vibrant levels of health and physical fitness?  Are you ready for something that will change your life?  Are you ready for L.I.F.E. Training?

HOW WE BEGAN:  Understanding that so many women wanted a more healthful, energetic life for themselves and their families, but did not know where or how to begin, company founders Ann Rockeman and Nancy Nowakowski designed L.I.F.E. Training™. They used their own experiences as busy working women and moms, as well as their education and experience in the health and fitness industry, to create an integrated program that combines cardio, strength training, and nutritional counseling.  Their goal is to help busy women like themselves understand how to make changes that will last a lifetime.

This message of vibrant health is delivered in one or two 6-week sessions within a group setting.  Lectures and training will be geared to target the needs of individual groups (i.e., weight loss, aging, functional exercises, post-pregnancy, etc), with the overall, long-term result being a consistent pattern of good nutrition and exercise for each individual member of the group.

Emphasis will include family health and nutrition; goal-setting; homework; regular exercise, including strength training; and a "soul searching" component which helps individuals focus on how they got where they are today and why they should take the necessary steps to begin the journey to create their personal best. 

Series I includes:

  • group lectures
  • workbook
  • cardiovascular programming
  • strength training, stretching, yoga postures, and meditative breathing
  • Family Health and Nutritional guidelines
  • Individual and Group on-line support

Series II also includes:

  • one-on-one health, progress, and goal setting evaluations
  • advanced core and strength training
  • continuing L.I.F.E. Training 


Course Description Cost
Series I 6 weeks, 12 sessions, 4-6 people $480
Series II 6 weeks, 12 sessions, 4-6 people $450
L.I.F.E. Support Group Strength Training, 10 sessions, 3 person min. $300