Making changes to your diet takes conscious effort.  Getting in touch with yourself after years of being "out of touch" takes time.  You can no longer lie to yourself - you must be authentic and honest, listening to what your heart and body tells you.

The nutritional education component of L.I.f.E. Fitness is based on the idea that you are the Parent of Your Body.  We follow the instruction of our Registered Dietician, Mary Farkas, who has a Masters of Science in Nutrition from Tufts University and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco.  By combining our own practical knowledge with Mary's 25 years of experience in all aspects of nutritional counseling, we know our clients are getting the best information, the best education, and the best tools to incorporate consistent, healthful eating habits into their lives.

In our L.I.F.E. Training classes, you will learn:

  • Food is not a friend; it does not relieve boredom; it does not deal with stress and anxiety.
  • You must know what you want, envision what you want in DETAIL, and set small, concrete GOALS.
  • Stress kills!  What you eat will either exacerbate or help ameliorate your stress.
  • Food is medicine!  Many foods have drug like effects; they will create either very positive or very negative long term consequences.
  • Do not eat your feelings.  Let them out safely.  Honor them and yourself.

Individual Consultations:

One-on-one consultations are available.  Getting together to discuss strategies, and coming to understand some simple ideas and practices about structuring meals and snacks to compliment "the Triangle", will give you the power to overcome cravings and will help you focus on giving your body a better overall nutritional benefit, ultimately leading to vibrant health.

I promise you this is not hard, does not require huge amounts of time, and does not require you to buy weird food at far away places for outrageous prices. Lastly, it's not a diet, not temporary in any way, but is very satisfying.

Complete Nutritional Consultation with 2 follow-up appointments      

Additional follow-up appointments     $45


Metabolic Assesment      

By measuring the oxygen flowing through your body, this assessment will let you know the exact number of calories a day you need to consume to reach your health and fitness goals.  This is a simple assessment done at rest and includes your caloric needs for weight loss, gain, or maintenance, along with calories needed on exercise days.     


Combination Packages

Nutritional counseling and resting metabolic assessment $240
Nutritional counseling, cardio assessment, and 3 cardio classes $287
Nutritional counseling, metabolic and cardio assessments, and 3 cardio classes            $355


For additional information, or to set up a consultation, please contact Ann Rockeman at 858-735-3743 or