Strength Training

Building muscle through strength training is an integral part of the total health and fitness package and cannot be overlooked.

Benefits of this type of training include:

  • Reducing percentage of body fat.
  • Increasing speed of weight loss by burning calories more quickly.  Muscles use energy - fat just stores it.  Building and preserving muscle burns calories (even at rest).
  • Reducing the risk of osteoporosis.  Building muscle encourages bone growth.
  • Increased stamina.
  • Triggering the body's metabolism to burn calories.

At Integration Fitness, we concentrate on a combination of resistance, flexibility, and core training.  We create circuits that are designed to keep heart rates up and burn calories as well as build lean muscle mass.

The classes are fun and energizing and hit a wide variety of muscle groups at each class. We include some beginning yoga postures, balance building, and meditative breathing for top-to-toe workouts.

                                                    Group Training

5-week commitment
One Day per week
5-week commitment
Two Days per week
3 or 4-person class     $175 3 or 4-person class     $350
2-person class    $225 2-person class    $450

                                                Individual Training

One-on-one, 50-minute sessions                $75 per session             


 * Some individual sessions may be needed for those individuals with no prior strength training experience before joining a group. (Not necessary if you are joining the L.I.F.E. Training™ group).