Success Stories

How do you know if a fitness program is good?  When it works!  Here's what our clients have to say about their experiences at Integration Fitness: 

Hollie Kahn - Treadmill client

Over the holidays, I spent a week in Patagonia, Chile, in a camp at the foot of the Andes Mountains.  Each day we hiked anywhere from four to eight hours up the mountains to breathtaking lookout points.  On the last day I chose the most difficult trek up to the face of Torres De Paines - eight hours of non-stop walking and rock climbing.  I could not believe how prepared I was for this expereience thanks to Vicki and the Woodway Treadmills.  I know that this would not have been possible without my zone has transformed me into the athlete I NEVER thought I would be.

Thank you Integration Fitness for helping me to not only stay healthy but also to enjoy life to its fullest!

Rita Herndon - completed L.I.F.E. Training™ Sessions I and II

Guess what?  I weighed myself this AM and I'm down 20 pounds from my highest weight.  I am SOOOO thrilled.  I tried on my "skinnier" clothes and they're almost big on me.  I look fantastic (if I do say so myself).  I'm wearing a frilly cap-sleeve shirt that fits my upper body modestly tight buy not loose.  It's wonderful.  I am really looking forward to losing more weight - it'll be awesome!

And, talk about a grass-roots movement:  my sister and brother-in-law have cooked up a scheme that if we all lose an additional 20 pounds, we're going to Fiji for a reunion trip. We were last there in 2001 when I was last skinny.  I'm going to invite my boyfriend, jeff, to join the challenge.  Woohoo!

You two have provided a service that is invaluable to me.  You're great!  And I'm looking forward to the next phase!

Yvonne Koehler - attended lecture series

It was nice to see you and meet Mary (Farkas) last Friday.  I really enjoyed the "Parenting Your Body" lecture.  Mary's message was very positive and one that made good sense.  I'm always looking for new ways to improve my lifestyle and I definitely came away with some new ideas/information that I'm already trying ti implement in my daily routine.

I really wouldn't change anything about the lecture.  I don't think it's too "touchy feely" for Carmel Valley, it's just common sense and we as individuals need to realize that we are responsible for making good choices.  i really believe that Mary's (and your) philosophy of not sugar-coating what we need to do to achieve a healthier lifestyle is the most realistic way of presenting a lecture with this subject matter.  Thanks again!

Rosie - complete L.I.F.E. Training™ Series I graduate

Hey guys, I just did the Real Age test again and I have lost ten years!  the first time I was 51, and now I'm 41 (I'm actually 46).  in six more weeks when I try again, maybe I'll be 31!  This is kind of fun, huh?

Liz Gekakis - completed L.I.F.E. Training™ Series I and Series II

My favorite part of the program was the camaraderie you develop with your fellow exercisers.  This kept you going and made you accountable not only to the instructors but also to your classmates and to yourself.  Ann and Nancy were great teachers; they kept on top of you and made sure you were getting the maximum benefit from the program.  They taught you a wide variety of exercises so the classes never got boring, and when I finished the program I was well prepared to continue on my own.  They were also a lot of fun and kept me laughing even while I was sweating.

The nutrition classes added another dimension to the program for me; they were very informative and the instructor was very knowledgeable and entertaining. I really felt like she connected with me and knew just how to help me as an individual and I think others felt the same connection.  As much as the exercising, I will take the nutrition lessons with me toward a better life for myself and my family.

In the end, it was Ann and Nancy's pushing me to my limit, and everyone else to their limit, that got me motivated to get in shape and stay in shape.  After going through the program twice, I'm now exercising regularly with great confidence.

Pat (parent of one of Ann's teenage clients) 

Lindsay continued to eat very well this summer, including two weeks at a summer camp where fruit and vegetables were at a premium  She went for many long walks, did some running and exercises, learned how to wakeboard, and has been through five days of intense volleyball tryouts.  She made the JV A team, which is great, because she thought she would be on JV B instead.  Her weight is now in the low 130's, and she looks great. She seems to have much greater self-esteem and is actually willing to put on a bathing suit in front of boys!  She starts school soon, and since she is now tall and thin, with blond extensions in her hair, I think some kids won't even recognize her!

Thanks again for your help with Lindsay last spring, and hopefully, we'll see you soon.

Kelly Nelle - (Strength Training client)

Hi Ann: I'm compelled to tell you again how much I get out of our workouts.  I felt so good the rest of the day - my body had the "exercise hum" to it.  What you offer is just so fantastic.  It is a huge and wonderful part of my life that contributes to my well-being and enjoyment of life.  The experience goes beyond a tangible, measurable thing - it's really quite priceless!  So...thank you! 

Martin Caniff

Quite simply, the past few years of no exercise, over-eating and not taking care of myself led to weight gain, a lack of energy, and increased stress. Work travel and trying to keep up with the pace of client meetings and peers was taking a toll on my health.  I was feeling worn out and tired.  I knew I needed to get back to exercise, eating right and making time to give back to my health.

Integration Fitness gave me the opportunity to get started at my own pace. Ann and Vicki created a plan for me to get started on both my cardiovascular fitness, strength training and supported my plan to get my diet in order.  I was able to work at my own pace and the semi-private classes give me plenty of personalized attention.

Ann and Vicki have continued to push me towards my goals and 10 months after we started,  I have succeeded in losing over 30 pounds, have increased my cardiovascular endurance and stamina, and have increased my muscle mass and decreased my body fat. I feel and look so much better.  The exercise has been a much needed stress relief.  I continue to have business travel and have so much more energy; keeping up with the pace.